Modder Makes Unplayable Mortal Kombat X Characters Playable

There’s nothing better than getting your hands on new goodies, and thanks to a modder gamers can now play as Rain, Sindel, or Baraka in Mortal Kombat X. Now, it’s only for the PC version of the title — seeing as XVermillion tweaked the files of said port in order to get those three characters to be playable. The only time players got to see Rain, Sindel, and Baraka in action before was through Mortal Kombat X’s story mode, in which you go up against them. While they are not playable through the other ports just yet they might become downloadable content in the future — of course that’s just speculation and finger crossing.

XVermillion explained how he was able to make the three playable in a post made on Reddit stating, “There are other files you can change to get stuff like Rain’s name under the health Bar but the only files I modded are in the “Assets” folder I believe; there should be 2 associated with Rain ( and another one I can’t remember but you can just search the folder for Rain). Anyway, I backed up the files for Shinnok (the character I’m replacing) and renamed Rain’s files to match those associated with Shinnok’s 1st costume slot ( and one other, the one that matches Rain’s other one) and moved ’em to the folder and overwrote Shinnok’s old files with the newly renamed Rain files. What you see is just me playing in training mode with what the game thinks is Shinnok but is using Rain’s model and moveset.”

Get a look at the characters in action below!