Mojo Jojo Better Watch Out for this Powerful Blossom Cosplay!

blossom-cosplay-1Photography by FDSedano Arts

The Powerpuff Girls was definitely one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network growing up. I absolutely loved the characters Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. These three girls are adorable but do not let their childish looks fool you. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles kick butt and always come to the rescue of the mayor! Having superpowers and superstyle these girls work together to fight crime in Townsville, USA.

blossom-cosplay-2Photography by Ken AD

Cosplayer BloodyCoffee is ready to take on Mojo JoJo and protect Townsville with her super amazing Blossom Cosplay. She looks fantastic as Blossom and rocks the color pink perfectly. Just like Blossom BloodyCoffee is determined. She makes the most amazing costumes and really enjoys attending conventions. You can tell that she really loves meeting others while cosplaying.


BloodyCoffee is very dedicated to cosplay and in her progress photos you can see the hard work and time that she puts into her costumes. She is gorgeous and her costumes are true reflections of the dedication that she has. I cannot wait to see more from BloodyCoffee. To learn more about her or to find out what the next convention she will be attending follow her on Facebook.





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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt