More Details on the PS4’s Next Firmware 2.5 Update Leak

I think Sony may have made something of a mistake in offering an early beta access program to certain fans for the upcoming PS4 firmware update because details have been leaking like crazy, or perhaps it’s not that big of a deal to them because they don’t seem to be doing anything to stop it. According to Twitter user @isaparrot, you will now be able to back up PS4 content to an external hard drive. This will allow you to make some room on your PS4, but you won’t be able to play games directly from the drive presumably as an anti-piracy measure.

There will also be some updates to the consoles accessibility options including the option to use larger text, change contrast and invert colors on specific items and assign your controller buttons. Button mapping has been a standard feature in PC gaming for decades and many have been saying that it needs to come to modern consoles so it seems Sony is going to be the first to toss their hat into that ring. Another updated feature is the ability to suspend/resume non-game applications and the same feature has been leaked in the PS4 firmware 2.5 update. Others include 60fps support in Shareplay and the ability to delete games from your Trophy listing which are still at 0%. No release date for the Firmware has been announced yet.





Written by Guest Contributor: Reagan Cox