Morenn Cosplay is Enchanting and Beguiling

The beautiful dryad Morenn hails from the forest of Brokilon. Geralt first encounters her in the Druids Grove while exploring the swamp. As for why she is there, she will not reveal. She will instead cryptically answer, “taking the chance to visit this grove of old, beautiful trees.” Dryads also, interestingly enough, only raise female children, no boys. The quest, “A Lost Lamb” gives you the chance to romance her in game.


Incredibly talented cosplayer Elena Samko has done it again, creating a gorgeous version of Morenn that looks like she stepped right out of the game. With her long flowing locks, green-hued skin, and dryad jewelry, she makes for a truly beautiful vision, posing in a forest setting where any dryad would feel quite at home.



Photography by Kseniya Rogutenok