A Morgana Cosplay that is Absolutely Legendary!

League of Legends is one of those online games that are just downright addictive. Like other online role playing games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends is a very popular choice among gamers and cosplayers. There is loads to admire in the game – the huge array of champions, stunning concept art and even gorgeous female protagonists such as Morgana.

In a faraway world inhabited by beautiful land, graceful beings gifted with wings and blessed with immortality, an ancient conflict continues to rage forward and tear families in two. One side views their kin as tyrants, creatures who would sacrifice individuality and freedom for safety and efficiency. The other side fights in order to unite their world under a law and a central governance. They dub themselves as the ideal figures of order and justice.

Morgana fought against what she saw as the tyranny of her people and was thus known as “fallen” from then onwards. Not the least bit innocent and having explored ways to gather forbidden might in order to become a mistress of dark power, her primary goal was fueled solely by the desire to defeat the enemies’ army general – her sister Kayle.


Hailing from HongKong, Chinese cosplayer PipiChu0226 has cosplayed others from League of Legends including Ahri and even Morgana’s Blackthorn skin.  Her cosplay of Morgana is absolutely stunning. Her choice of red, gold and ivory fabrics and the pale golden wig complement her very well. And the wings. She adorns the wings with honour and portrays the beautiful winged and immortal figure that Morgana is. If I say so myself, this cosplay is legendary!