Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Pays Homage to Winged Beauty

The original release of Darkstalkers was almost twenty years ago, and while most games are generally nothing but a memory that long after being made, Darkstalkers is a different story. Through the years, it seems that Darkstalkers has not lost its special place within gamers’ hearts, especially with the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection just last year. With a great compilation of characters, fans have taken a liking to their favorites and have even grown attached to them – and who wouldn’t with the time that has passed. One character that sticks out like a sore thumb – in a good way, when it comes to Darkstalkers is Morrigan Aensland.


More than just her strikingly good looks, Morrigan Aensland made her first appearance in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, and since the winged female – who not only dons one but two pairs, has been featured in every Darkstalkers game since, and even games not within the Darkstalkers series. The succubus is very well liked throughout the Darkstalkers fandom, and even though Dimitri is said to be the main character of the series, some argue that Morrigan Aensland actually takes the cake on that title.


Morrigan Aensland – who is as vain as she is gorgeous, is so praised within the Darkstalkers fandom that when cosplaying her, it’s important to hit on all her key features. Luckily, cosplayer Zyaaa has done just that. Not only is Morrigan’s essence captured through the poses that Zyaaa has chosen to take on, but also through the crafting of her cosplay. While bits and pieces of a Morrigan Aensland cosplay might seem like an easy feat to accomplish, making sure they flow together is a completely different story. However, Zyaaa has done this by tying in Morrigan’s coined turquoise hair, wings – that not only protrude from her head but also her back, as well as her pink arm gloves, bat stockings, and heart cut out in the middle of her black, leather leotard. For this, we give two thumbs up to Zyaaa and her epic take on the highly acclaimed Morrigan Aensland. Feast your eyes upon her, folks, the succubus won’t turn away opportunities to boost the ego.



Photography by Daria Polyanskaya