Morrigan Cosplay is Darkly Enticing

Morrigan is a character in the Dragon Age franchise. She’s a Witch of the Wilds, one of many sorceresses whose legends originate in the Korcari Wilds. Whether she seeks to influence the imperial throne, or harbors more sinister motives, no one knows for sure. She arrived in Orlais rather suddenly as the newly appointed “arcane advisor” to Empress Celene. In this role, Morrigan presents a source of information that’s unfiltered by religious dogma, and satisfies Celene’s life-long curiosity about magic. However, there are whispers that carry concern that Morrigan has Celene wrapped around her finger, and is teaching the Empress forbidden, dark arts.


Morrigan can’t be romanced in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but she could be romanced by a male Warden in previous games. To woo her, a player needed to remember that she values independence and power above all. It was best to agree with her “survival of the fittest” philosophy. And don’t be a softy! She disdains any display of soft-heartedness. Romancing Morrigan gets mighty complicated, though, especially if she ends up pregnant.

She was raised in isolation by the powerful Witch, Flemeth, and learned her magical craft outside the Circle of Magi. Though somewhat naive of the larger world in Dragon Age: Origins, Morrigan becomes quite the power broker.


Her infiltration of Orlesian high society is shown to be canon by the ornate dress that she wears. Cosplayer Ophidia brings that gorgeous gown, and Morrigan’s dark beauty, to life in this gorgeous cosplay. This is a masterwork of design and sewing. That corset – incredible! The scaling, gloves, ruching on the sleeves…are all just wow. And whatever she used to give the skirt that fullness, but it panniers or a hoop, really works to take the whole cosplay to another level. That necklace is such a showpiece. This cosplay must’ve taken hours upon hours to create, and it shows. Beautiful work.