Mortal Kombat X Gets Cool Predator Easter Eggs

The Predator is coming to Mortal Kombat X very soon, and to celebrate, Mortal Kombat X has a couple of Easter Eggs that fans of the Predator will surely get a kick out off. First as part of the upcoming Prey costume pack, Jax is receiving a new outfit based on George Dillion, Carl Weathers’ character in Predator. While this is pretty cool in and of itself, if you have Jax wear that costume against Johnny Cage, the two will re-enact the famous epic handshake from the movie, complete with Johnny exclaiming “you son of a bitch”, which you can see below.

Another lesser known, but still pretty cool Easter Egg was discovered when players were able to recently play against the Predator as a CPU opponent in Tower Mode. Erron Black, a cowboy character that’s new to Mortal Kombat X, has an X-Ray move wherein he shoots his opponent with a bullet with that character’s name on it. As discovered by player DarmanDonphan (which you can check out below), using this X-Ray move on the Predator will have Erron write “Ugly Mofo” on the bullet, which is a safe for work reference to a quote that was made famous in the first movie. Mortal Kombat X is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Predator will be made playable sometime this month.