Mortal Kombat’s Jade is a Total Babe in This Stunning Cosplay

Mortal Kombat has essentially become a household name. Whether one has played their plethora of gaming titles out in the world or have seen the movies — most know what Mortal Kombat is. While names such as Sonya Blade or Johnny Cage might be what some gamers and movie watchers might be more familiar with, that doesn’t stop fans from having their favorites, no matter how major or minor a character might be.

Throughout its existence, Mortal Kombat has given fans an abundance of babes to feast their eyes upon. There’s Kitana, Mileena, Sindel — for those looking to snag themselves a cougar, and Jade. Jade is an an emerald clad babe, who is fierce beyond comprehension. Not only can she hold her own, plowing down her enemies as she sees fit. It might be why cosplayers are so drawn to her. There’s something about a woman who is capable of taking care of herself that really pulls you in, am I right?


At least that’s what Dahlia Thomas might believe, as she has completely embodied the Mortal Kombat player. Others might have taken a stab at executing a Jade cosplay but not all have done it to the caliber that Dahlia has — truly bringing Jade to life.

 Photography by David Love




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