Movie Cosplay: Aladdin Princess Jasmine Cosplay Looks Fierce

It’s quite easy for a pretty princess to pull you in, capturing you with her beauty. Princess Jasmine was able to do just this to Aladdin, but not only did she catch his fancy with her beauty but with everything she was – brains included. Unfortunately, the princess also caught the attention of the evil Jafar, a sorcerer who decided if he wouldn’t have Jasmine, mostly driven by his want of the throne, then no one would. Taking her hostage – with every intention of making Jasmine his wife and slave, it was up to Aladdin to free the princess and his friend Genie.


Some might remember that Jasmine sported two outfits in the duration of the first Aladdin movie the blue outfit she wore throughout the majority of the movie, and the red that Jafar forced her to wear. Both were stunning – despite what the red symbolized, and allowed the princess’ outer beauty to shine. An outfit that some might not remember Jasmine wearing was the black with blue trim that was featured in the Aladdin television series. Whether or not one’s memory serves them well, Rei-Doll’s rendition of Jasmine – in all three outfits, will refresh one’s memory.


Whether she’s in Jasmine’s traditional outfit, or one of the others the princess wears, Rei-Doll succeeds in mastering each. With craftsmanship such as hers – and an amazing subject like Jasmine, it’s no wonder one might want to take on all that the princess is.

jasmine-cosplay-4Photography by Kifir


Photography by Predator