Movie Cosplay: Dark Knight Rises’ Lovely Cat Burglar, Catwoman!

Many of us Batman fans are also huge fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movie series. Taking a more realistic approach to the heroes and villains of Gotham, these movies provided a wonderful spin on our beloved, winged creature of the night. With an intense, bass-bumping soundtrack, there was rarely a dull moment, keeping us on the edge of our movie theater seats, popcorn near spilling all over the floor. After falling in love with the characters of the Dark Knight, whether it was Batman, The Joker, Two-Face, or Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler, Alfred, we were yearning for more of The Dark Knight and eagerly anticipated the next entry in the series. It’s no wonder then that The Dark Knight’s follow-up, The Dark Knight Rises, was such a huge success! Yet, some were skeptical, as Batman’s nemesis changed from The Joker to the physically overpowering Bane, and the woman who is part enemy and part friend to Batman, Catwoman, was being portrayed by Anne Hathaway, who was not known for playing characters requiring action scenes. Yet, The Dark Knight Rises proved all of us skeptics wrong, and provided an amazing story and scenes that we are sure to never forget.


Although we were unsure about Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, she was arguably one of the most interesting characters in The Dark Knight Rises. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, while also keeping a few things for herself of course, it is always hard to tell whether Catwoman is a hero or a villain. One thing that’s for certain though, is that Catwoman is ever-so seductive, easily capable of getting what she wants, and when things go awry, she needs no help in defending herself- even if she is being mobbed by multiple huge men seeking her demise. She is cunning, beautiful, and a safe-hacking mastermind, making her the ultimate cat burglar. Yet, she commits these acts of thievery for all of the right reasons, and for that, we can’t help but love her.


We often see cosplays of Catwoman, but generally they are depictions of her comic book forms. The Dark Knight Rises brought an entirely different costume for Catwoman, while still keeping that sleak, black leather look that Catwoman has become known for. Wearing such a skin-tight suit would be hard to pull off, along with the character herself, an icon for heroes and villains alike. It would take a skilled cosplayer and model to perfectly portray Catwoman, and The Lazy Cosplayer proves herself to be just that- and far from lazy! Her costuming shows dedication to the craft, and her photoshoot provides a Gotham-esque feel, adding a complete sense of accuracy to her cosplay. Absolutely amazing!



Photography by Mikey Andersson.