Movie Cosplay: The Little Mermaid’s Princess Ariel!

Disney definitely has a strong place in the hearts of many of us. With a multitude of movies, TV series’, and video games throughout the decades, we all have our favorites. With a vast array of Disney princesses that have starred in these wonderful movies, it is hard to choose a favorite leading lady, but it can surely be said without a doubt that princess Ariel is a contender for that top spot.


Appearing in The Little Mermaid, we watched Ariel swim through her beautiful underwater home with her fish friend Flounder, never quite fitting in, always causing trouble, and anxiously awaiting the day when she could rid of her mermaid tail and instead don a pair of legs. Well, one day she got her life-long dream, yet little did she realize that life out of the ocean isn’t so easy and carefree!


Never failing to impress us with her stunning cosplays, Ryoko-Demon created this amazing costume of the land version of Princess Ariel. With a beautiful pink dress, long red hair with loose curls, the handsome Prince Eric, and a seashell to remember the place where she came from, Ryoko’s Ariel is stunning and definitely worthy of the title of princess!



Prince Eric cosplayer: Vasya-Wowa
Photography: Kifir


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