Movie: A Cosplay Group of Mean Girls

Photography by ZeronXepher

Oh the woes of high school! The constant struggle to fit in and make nice with everybody. Unfortunately for the ignorant Cady, who returns from the adventures of being homeschooled in Africa, has no idea what she’s in for when she walks through those cafeteria doors. As described by her new friends, the school has various cliques, the worst of which being The Plastics. Regina George, leader of the gang, takes it upon herself to welcome Cady into their pastel pink Wonderland with open arms. Now that she’s in, Cady decides a little undercover recon work couldn’t hurt…

Photography by ZeronXepher

This quirky cult classic has been loved for years, and we’re happy to see that it has inspired cosplayers! To pull off a live action film in costume, especially a modern, everyday clothes type of film, you really have to get a spot on group to make it happen! Eveille Cosplay and her friends, Senillonia, Allie, and Fushicho did just that. Not only did they recreate each characters’ outfit, they had a mock up of the Burn Book to use as a prop, which is a key item from the film. Snarky and wide-eyed expressions, drama-infused poses, and an overall preppy vibe makes this photoshoot a huge success, and a wonderfully delicious breath of fresh air in the cosplay world. You don’t see many groups like this!

Photography by SoulFire Photography


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz