The Force is with This Sith Apprentice Cosplay

People have been chuggin’ along on the Star Wars fan since the late 1970s, and to this day the franchise still has those who are more than faithful to this day. In fact, excitement surrounding Star Wars has only picked up speed since the announcement of new movies, and recently three new comics. In addition, Vans has released a line of shoes dedicated strictly to Star Wars and other various merch is readily available in other outlets as well. It’s no shock that thirty six years later, people are still buzzing about Star Wars and the adventure it has taken fans on. Hence cosplayers stepping up to take on such a role as a Sith Apprentice, like FairyPorchQueen.

Star Wars Sith Apprentice Cosplay

sith-apprentice-cosplay-2Photography by Lucas

Her take on the Sith Apprentice is not only intimidating – her who posture a bit unsettling, but her execution and capturing of the Star Wars essence is impeccable. The added details like the lightsaber and red contacts set the cosplay apart from the rest truly making it worthy of a mention.

sith-apprentice-cosplay-3Photography by Nick Acott
sith-apprentice-cosplay-4Photography by Shinigami Photography



Featured image Photography by Pete Hare