Ms. Marvel Cosplay Captures Classic Elegance


Carol Danvers was just an ordinary human woman working as the head of security at NASA. However, after an accidental exposure to unearthly radiation (known as the Psyche-Magnitron) she became superhuman and by doing so, her life changed forever. In the midst of a battle between Captain Marvel and his Kree arch nemesis Yon-Rogg, Carol’s exposure to radiation would have proved lethal to her if not for Captain Marvel’s intervention. He was able to protect her from the majority of the radial blast with his own body, which in turn caused Carol’s DNA to fuse with his. She emerged unscathed, but forever altered genetically. Her newfound powers included superhuman strength, flight, exceptional fighting skills (likened to that of the Kree warrior) and a seventh sense to assist her in sensing danger.

Carol ended up shedding her original costume that mirrored Captain Marvel’s after her original costume became unsalvageable after a battle with Rogue, Mystique’s adopted daughter. Danvers’ “new costume” design was settled on after she decided she wanted to make herself a new costume that reflected her own persona as a superherione, rather than simply mirroring the design of Captain Marvel’s. With the help of Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) a sleek black one-piece uniform with a gold lightning bolt accent, and black boots and gloves was created. Carol had finally come adopted her own identity as a superherione. However, her past was never forgotten, as the red sash around her hips would always serve as a reminder of her old costume.


Pretty Wreck Cosplay’s cool confidence and glamorous pose encapsulate the strength and beauty of Ms. Marvel perfectly. The soft lighting of the photo and how she is posed suggests a throwback to a stunning 50s bombshell look. The lightning bolt on her chest glows with an ethereal light and looks incredible against the stark contrast of the rest of the costume. With her gorgeous blonde curls and the signature mask she truly looks the part of Ms. Marvel herself. Pretty Wreck Cosplay truly brings Ms. Marvel to life with every aspect of this beautiful costume.

Photography by Seventh Sky Costography



Written by Guest Contributor: Corset Scars