A Spunk My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Cosplay


Here’s an epic cosplay that will surely please all of you Bronies out there– Pixie Late‘s incredible Rainbow Dash cosplay!  Rainbow Dash is definitely a popular character to cosplay.  She is the spunky front-pony of the My Little Pony series, most notably recognized by her bright rainbow hair.  While we have seen many Rainbow Dash cosplays, there is something about Pixie Late’s rendition that we can’t get enough of.


Pixie holds true to the overall essence and vibrant personality of Rainbow Dash in her cosplay, keeping the iconic rainbow hair and baby blue wings; however, she adds a punk touch with goggles fastened atop her head and heart cut-out biker gloves.  Pixie remains cute and adorable in typical Rainbow Dash fashion, yet adds her own unique touch to the character, making her a bit more grown up.  We absolutely love this Rainbow Dash cosplay– it might just be our favorite cosplay of the renowned pony yet!



Photography by CherryInk Photography