Mystique Body Paint Cosplay is Simply Stunning


Fans of X-Men know Mystique as the beautiful, shape-shifting right hand of Magneto. A mutant with the ability to change her form into a replica of another person, her abilities are greatly suited to undercover ops and subversion. When not working on a mission, she is usually in her natural blue skinned form, a form that took her many years to be comfortable with.


Victoria Cosplay becomes the red haired mutant in a body painted cosplay of epic proportions. The body paint is stunning, with the blue color not only being the perfect shade, but the black speckling and spots really bringing to life her skin texture. What really sets this cosplay apart is the fact that she is mid transformation, with parts of her looking human and parts of her looking like the iconic Mystique. This is a very creative take on a popular cosplay and she knocked it out of the park!


Photography by Bodhi Tree Photography
Body paint by Lynn Cole Body Art



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