Mystique Should Be Hiding in “X-Men: Apocalypse” Claims Jennifer Lawrence

X-Men: Apocalypse has been in the spotlight for the last several months. We know that Magneto and Mystique will also be the featured couple in the upcoming film that will be ending the trilogy and closing the storyline. What is it about their relationship that is so important? The 2016 sequel should answer many of those lingering questions.

Lawrence sat down with IGN to talk about Mystique. “She’s very complex,” Lawrence tells IGN. “She’s a hero to her own race in a way which makes her a villain to her opposite race. I don’t really know where she’s going to go. I’ve had a few conversations about where we’ll find her. She obviously needs to be in hiding somewhere.”

The next X-Men movie will also feature Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. The younger versions are in the process of being cast, Cyclops and Jean Grey that is. Returning to the project are Simon Kinberg, Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris. Bryan Singer will also be returning to helm the film.

Filming is projected to begin April next year and the movie is set to release May 27, 2016.




Source: IGN