Nami Cosplay Scintillates in the Sunlight

Nami initially began as a thief and a pickpocket. Her skills include drawing sea charts, and later on becomes the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami’s dream is to map the entire world and actually initially distrusted pirates until she met Luffy and his crew.



Enji Night is cosplaying Nami from the Alabasta arc, which is the eleventh arc in the One Piece series. Nami’s outfit in this arc consists of a loose skirt, halter top, flowing shroud and a golden necklace and arm bands, which Enji Night has flawlessly recreated with her cosplay. From the cute flip of her red hair to the beautiful detailing on the top, this cosplay truly captures Nami’s spunkiness and charm.



Photography by Roberto Donadello