Natsu Cosplay Revels in the Spirit of Battle

natsu-cosplay-1Photography by David Love 

With the release of Soulcalibur V came the introduction of Natsu, a friendly girl from the demon hunting Fu-Ma Clan. Growing up she was rejected by those around her in fear that the demon of rebellion, Arahabaki, sealed within her would become free. Some influence of Arahabaki can be seen in Natsu’s personality, particularly her rebellion against clan orders. It is also hypothesized that her gravity defying, multi ponytail hairstyle is a symbol of Arahabaki, representing his snakes. She leaves the her home as a bodyguard to Leixia who is on a long journey, with the hope of also finding her Master Taki along the way.

natsu-cosplay-2Photography by photosnxs

Pink Justice Cosplay becomes the playful fighter in an immaculate cosplay. In a form fitting red body suit ending in shorts, the leather work is amazing. The feather pattern adorning the costume are flawless in shape and pattern. The katanas are beautiful and exactly like those Natsu uses in the game. Her hair is impressively done, with the seven ponytails and pink feathered clip in the middle. The photos feature various action poses showcasing Natsu’s fighting prowess as well as the well executed costume Pink Justice Cosplay has created.

natsu-cosplay-3Photography by Ken AD




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