New Arena Mode for Evolve is Now Playable

There’s a brand new Arena mode for the first person shooter Evolve, and it’s totally playable right now. 2K announced Arena today and pins players against a stage 2 monster. Said monster will go up against a team of four hunters — giving gamers a battle to the death, and he winner is determined based on a best out of three basis. In total there will be seventy different battlegrounds — each of Evolve’s current maps hosting five arenas.

For anyone who isn’t interested in the hunt itself, this might be the way to go. Close quarters give players the chance to come face to face with the monster almost instantly — being able to get straight into the action. Even better is that the new Arena mode is free to those who are interested, which might be the best part of the new mode all together. How many of you are going to finish this article and head on over to the new mode? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!