New Child of Light Video Delves into the Sound Design


Child of Light had a little behind-the-scenes/making-of video about a month ago, explaining the influences behind the watercolor graphics and older games. That video had a part 1 on the title, so since then we’ve been waiting for part 2. It’s finally here, and it explains the music and sound-design ideas in the game! The RPG won’t only have beautiful visuals, but beautiful sound design as well. Plenty of the game involves simplistic but beautifully astounding music from both piano and guitar.

The musicians went more all-out for the boss fights in the game by using an orchestra to play the music for those parts. Child of Light was also influenced by Cirque du Soleil, mainly in both the costume design and the world itself, with the help of Bastien Alexandre. Child of Light will be releasing near the end of the month, on April 30th, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the video below!