New Extreme Exorcism Trailer Looks to Be A Scary Good Time

A teaser trailer was released on the PlayStation YouTube channel for a new 2D platformer called Extreme Exorcism. Developed by Golden Ruby Games, players take control of Mae Barrons, an Extreme Exorcist, who must navigate through a haunted house and exterminate its ghostly inhabitants. The twist is that every time you defeat a ghost, that ghost will return and mimic something that you did previously, such as imitating you using your spread shot or using a special move. The number of ghosts imitating you increases with each stage, and combined with one hit kills, is sure to bring a fair bit of challenge to the game.

Though the teaser trailer and the accompanying blog post are for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions, the game is also coming to PC, Xbox One, and Wii U this year as well, though no final release date has been confirmed. In addition to a single player mode, the game promises a co-op mode focusing on ghost hunting, a competitive mode, and a challenge mode.





Written by Guest Contributor: Jon