New Need for Speed, Mirror’s Edge, and Plants vs Zombies Slated for 2015/2016

Electronic Arts has released their early release schedule for the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. While games like Star Wars: Battlefront and the EA Sports suite were already know, the release schedule does hint at not only a new Need for Speed and Plants vs Zombies, but also the release of the highly anticipated sequel to the parkour free running title Mirror’s Edge, released in 2008.

Originally announced at E3 2013, the sequel to Mirror’s Edge is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be utilizing the Frostbite 3 engine developed by Battlefield developer DICE. As for Plants vs Zombies, the nature of this new entry has yet to be disclosed, if it’ll be in the same vein as Garden Warfare, or if it’ll be an entirely new concept all together. According to the release schedule, the Need for Speed entry is slated for release the same quarter as Star Wars Battlefront, while Mirror’s Edge and Plants vs Zombies are slated for Q4, or early 2016.