New Nintendo ‘Ambassador Edition’ 3DS Available for Select Few

A group of privileged European gamers were made happy campers this week when they received an exclusive email offer giving them early access to purchase Nintendo 3DS’s new ‘Ambassador Edition.’  The Ambassador Edition offers not only a new Super Smash Bros. themed white faceplate, but also a charger, 4GB of microSDHC storage, and a special edition back cover. There is no doubt that the new offer is very exciting, and is already retailing a high cost for those interested in purchasing.

But what makes these certain European gamers so lucky? Nintendo has not yet released their reasoning, but promises to offer as many special promotions and deals to their customers as possible. It is hard to say at this time when this special Ambassador Edition 3DS will be made available to the public (excluding those few who will purchase the new commodity and sell it to desperate fans at outrageous prices), but we can only hope it will be soon so we can all get our hands on this beautiful new edition.





Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee