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New ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Clip Shows Lots of Conflict

The Star Wars: Rebels tv series is hitting Disney XD this September and today, a new clip showcases one of the shorts that will air leading up to the Star Wars: Rebels air date. In the clip which takes place five years after Episode IV: A New Hope, the Ghost crew runs into some issues and must act against enemy forces. The crew on board the Ghost are the most important as they will be first to strike against the Empire’s tyranny. Talk about pressure!

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The first of the four shorts is titled The Machine in the Ghost and it shows that Kanan and Hera don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. During the battle of the TIE Fighters, Chopper, the ship’s droid, is right in the middle of the battle and the two must come together to resolve the issue in oder to get out safely.

The Machine in the Ghost will air at 9pm ET on August 11 on Disney XD. There will be three more shorts, all on Monday at 9pm. Each will introduce new characters in the series. These shorts will lead up to the premiere of Star Wars: Rebels.


Source: IGN