Nidalee Cosplay is a Bestial Protector of the Jungle

Nidalee was taken in by a family of cougars when her treasure seeking parents succumbed to a deadly disease in the Kumungu Jungle. Her innocence is what saved her from viscous predators that eyed her as a meal. As she grew, she absorbed the magic in the air around her. Her love for her cougar family and her feline instincts mixed with the magic, allowing Nidalee to change her form. Using her power, she entered the League of Legends to protect her home from the supposed “civilized world”.


KayBear Cosplay goes a little wild as she becomes the Bestial Huntress. Wearing furs and skins, her torso and legs are marked with white paint. Around her neck, as well as resting on her waist, is a string of large teeth, marking her ferocity as a hunter as well as her love for her feline family. Wielding a large, amazingly well crafted spear, KayBear is ready to defend the jungle from all enemies.