Nidalee Cosplay Will Make You Purr

Nidalee is one of many of the League of Legends Champions with a tough upbringing. At a young age, she watched as her parents died in front of her from disease while they were treasure hunting in the jungles. Fortunately, Nidalee did not succumb to the disease, and was able to survive the jungles. Because she was so young and not corrupt by modern civilization, a local family of cougars adopted her and raised her as their own. She was mysteriously able to absorb some of the traits of her feline friends, and that makes her even more deadly.


Enji Night is one of the cutest half feline, half human assassins that one might ever have the pleasure of walking into – perhaps maybe not. Her javelin is as sharp as her bite! Enji Night is a truly amazing artist. Her costume is the perfect mirror image of the animated huntress. The leather outfit, the dangling teeth of her prey and her javelin are all crafted so beautifully. I highly recommend checking out her other cosplays. You will not be disappointed.

Photography by Sarmai