Jessica Nigri’s Death Knight Cosplay is Darkness Divine

death knight cosplay 1

A long time World of Warcraft player, I am super excited to be handed this cosplay. The very first hero class in the WoW universe, Death Knights are plate-wearing melee machines. A far cry from the original breed of deathknights, this particular one is a risen-from-the-dead, malevolent rune wielding warrior of the Lich King. Those who could free themselves from the grasp of the Frozen Throne and the Lich King found themselves sentient and generally a part of the Knights of the Ebon Blade – a rogue group of freed Death Knights set on fighting the Scourge.

Jessica Nigri really nailed it. Her armor coloring and sculpting is consistent with the deathknight specific plate sets within the game, right down to the small splash of red. The iconic deathknight skulls are present all over, sculpted to perfection. The post-effects in the photo add an excellent ambiance to her armor and the smokey, chilled presence of a Death Knight. She, like I did with Sylvanas, chose to omit the over-exaggerated elven eyebrows which I think gives a more realistic tone to the cosplay. The wig choice looks natural, as does her choice of prosthetic ears; the darkened lips and subtle makeup add a bit of dark glamour which appropriately fits a blood elf. I really like her trimming of the plate with fur – it adds a subtle level of realness for me in that obviously no one wants to wear plate that rubs, so it is lined in fur for comfort. I’m really, really impressed with this level of work from her and truly hope to see more. Beethy Photography does a fabulous job capturing all the work Nigri put into this cosplay, displaying the fine details amazingly.