Nintendo and Netflix Teaming Up For Zelda Live-Action Series?

It looks like Marvel isn’t the only one bringing content to Netflix. According to the Wall Street Journal a new live-action adaptation of the Legend of Zelda is currently in development by the online streaming provider. Not much is known about the project, but Netflix is describing it as “Game of Thrones for a family audience,” whatever that means.

What we do know however is that Netflix is supposedly working very close with Nintendo, so the adaptation will come from the source. We can imagine that it’ll probably be about a young boy named Link on a quest to save a princess, probably named Zelda, in a place that will more than likely be named Hyrule. But at this point even that isn’t known for certain. The Legend of Zelda series has been around since the emergence of modern video gaming, and with more than 20 games under its belt there is a lot of places the show can go, if it goes anywhere at all.

It is still far too early to draw anything for certain, but stay tuned to Conslayer for more details as they become available.