Nintendo Cosplay Week: A Lovely Cosplay of Galactic Beauty Rosalina


Mario Kart 8 is releasing just a few days, and in honor of such, All That’s Cosplay is doing a week-long Nintendo cosplay event. Yesterday we featured an incredible Slave Leia/Princess Peach crossover cosplay, and today is Rosalina’s time to shine!


Rosalina was first introduced into the Mario franchise upon the release of Wii hit Super Mario Galaxy. She is the ever-loving mother of the Lumas, adorable star creatures who help guide Mario’s way through the many worlds of Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina protects the Lumas and watches over the galaxy, proving to be a power and loving figure in the Mario universe.


Zettai-Cosplay has created this adorable cosplay of Rosalina. She sports Rosalina’s traditional silky blue dress, silver crown, and wavy blonde hair to perfection. The added touch of her very own Luma puts the cherry on top of this cosplay, making it one of the best Rosalinas we have seen!




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