Nintendo Cosplay: Princess Zelda Cosplayer Has Us Under Her Spell

This Princess Zelda cosplay depicts the fictional “Damsel in Distress” character in the video game series The Legend of Zelda. The main protagonist, Link, plays the role as the chivalrous hero who always has to rescue the princess from harm. The story and character roles always seem to follow the premise of classic literature, what with the Princess being captured by the villain, in this case Ganandorf, and the young hero coming to her aid.

Princess Zelda Cosplay by FairyCave



Zelda seems to have magical abilities which are stressed later on in the game series. These abilities help not only herself, but Link as well. In some games she takes on a whole new persona in order to defeat Ganon, becoming either a sage or a warrior. These also help her in her leading role in Hyrule, the land she rules.


This cosplay by the beautiful FairyCave is executed wonderfully. She captures the spirit of the Princess in such a way that it seems oh so real. From the dress to the headpiece this cosplay is sheer perfection! The accuracy is astounding as well, making this cosplay truly epic.


Photography by Carlos Aledo