Nintendo NX to Reportedly Release in 2016

The time is nigh — well, almost nigh, as a report as revealed that Nintendo’s next generation console, NX, will be making its way to gamers next year. According to the report, Foxconn — a major Taiwanese supplier and manufacturer, has been given the green light for “pilot production”. The pilot is expected to start as late as October this year. Orders are expected to be finished by March of 2016, at least that’s what sources familiar with the matter seem to claim. A mass production will then launch by May or June of 2016, Nintendo aiming to ship 20 million units during the first year the NX is released.

The same source believes that the company is aiming for a July 2016, and in comparison to 2015’s Wii U production — only estimated at 2 million units, it seems that this will bring new life to Nintendo. It was earlier this year that Nintendo hinted that there would be a successor to the Wii U, but details have been kept hush, hush — the company believing that its competitors might try and take ideas from their NX.





Source: Digitimes