Nintendo Online Store Now Selling GameCube Controller Adapter

When Smash Bros. for Wii U launched, players were treated to the option of playing the game with GameCube controllers and it made it a little easier than the standard Wii remotes. The use of the new adapter will allow up to four players and spreads joy for the classic feel of the game. Previously the adapter could only be bought from third party retailers but beginning today, customers will be able to pick up the peripheral via the Nintendo Online Store.

The GameCube Controller Adapter can be purchased now for $19.99, and those purchasing will have to pay a bit on top for shipping, so players can expect to pay a bit more to get their controller but less than the $100 many would see on eBay. As it stand at the time of writing the adapter is currently sold out; probably due to the large amount of pro-players wanting to get their hands on it, though if you are looking to pick one up just keep an eye on the website.