Nintendo World Championship Will Have The Legend of Zelda

One of the games that will be playable at the Nintendo World Championship was revealed today, and as we likely should have suspected, it’s nothing short of legendary. Taking to Twitter earlier today, Nintendo officially unveiled that the original Legend of Zelda for the NES will be one of the games that will be playable at the upcoming tournament. Though they didn’t reveal how the 16 competitors would play it or what other games would be there, they did promise more info would be revealed soon.

The Nintendo World Championship is scheduled for Sunday, June 14th at 3 PM PST at the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles, which is where last year’s Smash Bros tournament was held. The preliminary rounds were held at various Best Buy locations across the US, with the 16 best players advancing to the finals this coming Sunday. This year

also marks the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo World Championship, which originally happened in 1990.




Written by Guest Contributor: Jon