Nintendo’s Daisy Gets Whole New Look in this Epic Cosplay!


Everyone knows the familiar names, even without calling the plumber: Mario and Luigi. But long gone are the days of the two Italian brothers stealing the show with their dinosaur pet, Yoshi. Princesses Peach and Daisy have represented the women of the Mushroom Kingdom for many years now, proving that games aren’t just for the guys! Women can kick some major butt, too, and they don’t always need saving.


This gorgeous cosplay by Malicious just further proves the point. In a wonderfully creative design, Princess Daisy gets a totally badass revamp. The perfect mesh of intimidating and truly lovely, the dainty character really shines in a whole new light… the light of the warrior. Everything is impressively constructed, from the armor pieces and boots to the flowing skirt…and of course, the prop piranha plant. The motif of vines and piranha plants is beautifully executed, and her weapon cleverly consisting of a brick and question mark block really completes the transformation of turning Daisy into a true warrior princess.





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