Non-Combat MMO Wander Gets New Trailer and Release Date

MMOs are pretty standard. Go here, hit that, etc etc. Or at least, they were, because with the new MMO Wander, combat is not an element, in fact for the new narrative and exploration driven MMO by Loki Davison, players are encouraged to explore the land and uncover the secrets of the mystical island and the secrets it holds. Players start out as a living tree, and become able to change their form to venture through forests, ride giant gryphons, explore vast oceans, and more.

Developed using the Cry-Engine, Wander takes advantage of the wonderful environment physics and helps create a world that seems to be alive with wildlife to interact with. Again, this is not a combat game, so players will find themselves embarking on a much more tranquil and peaceful journey, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be exciting along the way. It’s yet unknown how the game will actually handle, what the MMO elements will be, or even what the gameplay objective is, but with a game as unique as this one that might not be such a bad thing. Wander is scheduled for release this June 4th on PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer below.