Not Falling for the Villain Will be Hard When You Spot this Cia Cosplay

There’s nothing more attractive than a bad boy — except maybe a bad woman, and in the case of Hyrule Warriors Cia there’s no denying that she’s bad through and through. The character is the main antagonist in Hyrule Warriors and was made playable with the latest update, allowing gamers to get one step closer to the darkness within her. Cia’s goal is to conquer Hyrule and she’ll be using her skills as a sorceress in order to take it over. She also aims to make Link hers too, attempting to steal his affections from Princess Zelda. She’s a classic case of good girl gone bad, as she was once good at heart — her love for Link twisting her into something unrecognizable. With jealousy and rage in her heart, it wasn’t hard for Cia to want to claim Hyrule as hers and attempt to use whatever means to make that possible.


With such an allure, fans and cosplayers alike have become smitten with Cia. While some enjoy playing as her others want to become her, which isn’t such an easy feat. Of course if you’ve got the right amount of talent becoming such a character might be a breeze– at least Termina Cosplay made it seem that way. Her take on Cia is flawless and breathtaking, having you begging for more.  Good thing there’s more than a handful of pictures to marvel over. Check out her amazing work and give her credit where it’s deserved, she’s done an amazing job with Cia!


Photography by Vordigon Photography