Nothing but Lust for this Perfect Cosplay of Panty Anarchy


Panty is the older of the Anarchy sisters, two angels from the animated series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Kicked out of heaven for bad behavior, these sisters must save humanity by defeating ghosts on Earth in order to return to heaven. This can be difficult to achieve however when they are constantly distracted by sisterly bickering and a continuation of their bad behavior.


Panty is a sexy and reckless blonde who embodies the deadly sin of lust. She is constantly distracted by her desires and the men around her. Shiroiaisu Cosplay is a super talented cosplayer capable of bringing this lustful character to life. Cosplaying in Panty’s simple, yet sexy, red mini-dress, Shiroiaisu is the embodiment of a beautiful angel.


Photography by Niew




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