Nothing’s More Fierce Than Ryuko Matoi in This Epic Cosplay

Most everyone knows who Ryuko Matoi is — avid anime fan or not. She’s a high school student by day and ass kicker by night, seeking out revenge on those who killed her father. It seems a bit heavy for a high schooler to take on, but Ryuko Matoi has made it her life mission. While in school she dons her typical uniform — a white t-shirt, black mini skirt and sneakers, when fighting Ryuko Matoi takes on a whole new look. It’s a whole lot sexier than her school girl look, but it seems to do the trick. With a chip on her shoulder, her fierce and stubborn nature, Ryuko is ready to take on anything and anyone that comes her way — it doesn’t hurt that her Scissor Blade lends a helping hand either.


There’s no denying that she’s a girl who packs a lot of punch, and one that anyone might want to look after — even if she’s carrying her own burdens. There have been many takes on Ryuko Matoi, whether one decides to take on her school girl or fighter look, many have pulled her off well. Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who deserve higher praises than others — some reaching the high marks. Fenyachan being one of the more breathtaking cosplays of Ryuko Matoi. Every inch of her has completely embodied who Ryuko Matoi is, and there’s no denying that there has been skill and mastery put into her take on Ryuko Matoi.


Photography by Eva