Nurse Joy Cosplay is a Prescription of Sugar and Spice


Nurse Joys are Pokemon icons.  Sweet, kind, and always helpful, the pink-haired Joy family is a classic staple of the Pokemon franchise.  From the moment that Ash Ketchum healed his critically injured Pikachu in Viridian City, the face of Nurse Joy has been etched into the hearts of Pokemon fans around the world.

Vera Baby has resuscitated new life into the medical maven by giving her a dose of moxie; her balletic pose and beautiful eyes, combined with a bit of skin and a sweet sleeve has made her cosplay creation just the right amount of graceful, edgy and cool.  With Poke Ball elegantly in hand, who knew that this helpful healer could also be such a beautiful badass?  Through Vera Baby’s stunning cosplay, this sweet-and-spicy Nurse Joy has certainly captured the hearts of Pokemon trainers everywhere.

For more beautiful cosplays by Vera Baby, visit her on Twitter.

 Photography by Gaunted



Written by Guest Contributor: Lyssa