One Pixie Cosplay You Don’t Want to Mess With

pixie-cosplay-1Photography by Carlos Mayenco

Megan Gwynn is a member of the X-men, codename Pixie. Her name comes from her fantastic pixie wings that allow her to fly. Megan also has a form of pixie dust that causes hallucinations to all those in its wake. A young girl when she came to Xavier’s Institute, Pixie has proven herself a powerful force for the X-men team.

pixie-cosplay-2Photography by E Photography

When she was still young, Pixie was taken against her will into limbo. Inside, a small piece of her soul was taken and fashioned into a dark soul blade. Pixie also learned the power of teleportation inside limbo, which allowed her to escape with the others taken. A piece of her soul missing, Pixie often has her dark and dangerous moments.

pixie-cosplay-3Photography by Shazzsteel

The Artful Dodger is an amazing cosplayer and has portrayed Pixie wonderfully. Her dark eyes elude to the darkness within Pixie and the fantastic construction of her wings and suit really bring Pixie to life. Combined with spectacular photography and The Artful Dodger’s way of portraying her character, a truly epic cosplay is brought forth!