Our Favorite Magical-Haired Runaway: A Rapunzel Cosplay!

On the day of her birthday, Rapunzel noticed that each year, beautiful lights would rise into the night sky. What did it mean? Were they for her? As fate would have it, the tall, dark and handsome thief, Flynn Rider, shows up (after being beaten within an inch of his life via a frying pan) and agrees to escort the lovely young girl to the castle, in hopes she may discover the mystery first hand!

Cosplayer Chibiko Chibi dons the pastel pink and purples with grace! Her lovely golden hair parted perfectly and drapped neatly beside her, she sits serenly and looks up with such a sweet expression! Chibiko’s attention to detail is marvelous, as each individual design makes its way around her gown.


To see an array of gorgeous costumes by Chibiko, drop by her DeviantArt!
Photography by CherryGrain




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz