Out of this Cool World Holli Would Cosplay

In a dark, twisted world of constant cartoon calamity, Holli Would, the scandalous ‘Doodle’, is well known for her sensuous dance moves and undeniable beauty. The pouty-lipped flirt is often up to no good with her band of goons and quite enjoys giving copper, Frank Harris, the runaround. As the Cool World knows- ‘Noids’ don’t fit in all too well, but Holli does her best to seduce any tall, dark and handsome men that come her way. After all, there’s certain guidelines to becoming a human, and she’s more than willing to take some risks.

Sexy gold blond woman sit on bar chair

The cosplay scene has been home to many voluptuous and dreamy Jessica Rabbits, but cosplayer Lunnaya decided to go the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” route, with, of course, Holli’s prized Marilyn Monroe inspired gown. Not only that, but she rocks Miss Would’s short and fitted night club ensemble as well. With a playful up-do and striking blue eye shadow, it’s definitely fun to see this saucy Doodle brought to life once again.

Sexy woman wear white fashion cloth



To see more of Lunnaya’s gorgeous cosplay, head over to her DeviantArt page!

Photographer: Andrey Guryanov


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz