Overwatch D.Va Cosplay Has Her Game-face On

It is always a great day for a D.Va Cosplay. Ever since the release of Blizzard’s multiplayer arena shooter game, Overwatch, we have seen tons of cosplays of the games Heroes.  The most commonly cosplayed Hero, however, is the beautiful D.Va, whom players immediately fell in love with because of her love for video games, adorable personality, and powerful fighting style.

Overwatch D.Va Cosplay by Haruhiism Cosplay


Cosplayer Haruhiism Cosplay expertly becomes D.Va herself in this wonderful cosplay that looks straight out of Overwatch.  Her bodysuit is sewn to perfection, and she poses in true D.Va style.  Totally epic!  Check out Haruhiism Cosplay on Facebook to see more of her epic handcrafted creations!



Photography by A&B Photography