Overwatch’s D.Va Will Tank Your Heart with This Cosplay

For the last couple of months, gamers have become obsessed with Overwatch. If you’ve been living under a rock since May and don’t know what the heck Overwatch is let me enlighten you: it’s a first person shooter multiplayer that was created by Blizzard Entertainment. The game pits players against each other in teams of six where they get to choose between several hero characters. There are four classifications for each character — tank, offense, defense and support, which gives each hero an advantage.


Through the various characters that Overwatch has to offer, D.Va seems to be a favorite amongst those who play the title. Not that anyone is shocked by the fact that she’s liked, seeing as she’s a gamer turned pilot — and a damn good one at that. Don’t let her young age fool you, D.Va is more than capable of holding her own and doesn’t like to fail, meaning she has no problem giving her adversaries a beating if she needs to. The girl can be a bit egotistical and loves to talk sh!* to her opponents in the middle of battle. D.Va is humble when it comes to her fans and will take time to sign autographs for them when they ask ( ISN’T SHE SWEET? ).


Embodying a girl with that much sass and passion definitely has its appeal — which might be why cosplayers have decided to become D.Va. Julia-MiFei is one of many to take on such a task and boy, has she done an amazing job with it. D.Va breathes to life through her cosplay, the fine details making it one of the best takes we’ve seen on D.Va yet.

Photography by Inside’cosplay