Overwatch’s Roadhog Gets New Look in Epic Cosplay

Roadhog from Overwatch is known for his extremely large, pig-like figure.  One might think that because he is so big, he might be difficult to pull off perfectly through cosplay.  However, the power of cosplay is that you can completely transform a character and make them your own, regardless of your physical differences, and that’s exactly what MiuMoonlight Cosplay did with epic results.


Even though MiuMoonlight has a small frame and feminine curves, she is instantly recognizable as Roadhog by sporting his signature silver gas mask and perfectly recreating Roadhog’s stomach tattoo.  MiuMoonlight proves that you can cosplay as any character you choose, and you should never let anything come in the way of that.  Totally epic!

Photography by Ben Neumann and eosAndy