Me-ow! A Black Cat Cosplay With the Prowess of a Feline

Black Cat has been in comic circulation since 1979, when the black and white clad woman appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #194. From her not so happy past sprang a feline fierce woman, who took the abilities she possessed and used them to her benefit – perhaps in a way most might not think to do. In her freshmen year of college, Felicia Hardy – the name the woman went by before becoming a masked antiheroine, suffered through a traumatic experienced that her boyfriend, Ryan, forced her to be victim to. This started a fire underneath the girl, and from that moment on decided that she would never be at the receiving end of such assault again.


The New York native was intent on seeking out revenge, waiting for her opportunity to take out her boyfriend. Unfortunately, karma got to him first and Ryan fell victim to a drunk driving incident. Raged by the outcome, Felicia Hardy became Black Cat after being quite successful at following in her father’s footsteps. The first time Black Cat put her costume on was to break her father out of jail, only to find out that her plans had once again been disturbed by death, Felicia’s father having passed away. The same night as the planned break out, Black Cat met Spider-man and felt herself pulled to the masked vigilante – even finding herself fall in love with him.


Cosplayer Marisa Semioli dons Black Cat’s familiar black spandex outfit, decorated with patches of fur – a costume she sewed together herself. Black Cat’s fierceness is not so subtle with Marisa Semioli’s take on Black Cat, easily seen through the various poses struck in her pictures as well as the hints of a smirk that play on Marisa’s lips. Don’t let Black Cat’s – and Marisa Semioli’s, hints of innocent fool you. As it states on the cover of The Amazing Spider-man #194, “Never let the Black Cat cross your path!”


Photography by Ron Gejon


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