Paint the Battlefield Red This Fall with Samurai Warriors 4


The latest addition to the high flying historical hack and slash, Samurai Warriors 4, is set to launch in North America later this fall, publisher Tecmo Koei announced on their Facebook page earlier today. Omega Force is bringing the Playstation exclusive title to North American shores on October 21st, boasting co-op play and cross-system saves on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Vita. More details will be announced this year at E3, with the game being on display at Sony Computer Entertainment’s show floor booth.

Taking place in the Japanese Feudal War of the late 1500’s, Samurai Warriors is the latest in the longstanding Tecmo Koei Dynasty Warriors franchise, and boasts over 50 main characters including several newcomers and many fan favorites. Samurai Warriors 4 was met with positive reception on its Japanese release, receiving a 34/40 with Famitsu and moving over 120,000 units in its first week on the PS3 version’s release.





Written by Guest Contributor: Kageryu