Pets Are Coming to WildStar Thanks to INVASION: Nexus Add-On

WildStar players should get excited because one of their requests is coming true! According to Carbine Studios, players have been requesting that pets make their way into WildStar and now they will be. The MMO’s fifth content update is now up and running, and adds new content such as the pets and new customization features. INVASION: Nexus, what the content has been named, will have over fifty pets for gamers to call their own, making it so that there are many options in the way of pets.

The new pets are are only part of the update, as there’s also a new adventure, new raid, a new contract system, and new post-cap space in Star-Comm Basin. Bay of Betrayal — the new adventure, asks players “to subvert the Ascendancy and rise through the ranks by emerging victorious in contests against other hopeful acolytes.”

Either way, INVASION: Nexus has a bunch of new things gamers can get behind. If you haven’t started playing, do it now!